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Diamond Waterfall St. Lucia – How it Got its Name

Diamond Waterfall Saint Lucia mineral baths

You can search everywhere on Google and never find where the Diamond Waterfall got its name. Through meticulous research, I have found the answer, as simple as it may be:


The Diamond Waterfall got its name from the French under the rule of King Louis XVI who settled in Soufriere in the 16th century. Translated from French, the name was given because of the colourful sparkle of the waterfall, similar to how diamonds refract light into all different colours. For those of you who thought there were actual diamonds, sorry to disappoint you.
The river which feeds the waterfall starts from a boiling sulphur spring at the top of the volcano. It runs down the mountain slope, mixing with fresh water until it pours over a dark rock, 60 feet high, creating what we know as the Diamond Waterfall, now one of St. Lucia’s most well-known and characteristic attractions.
drive-in volcano st lucia sulphur springs The always-changing composition of fresh water to minerals creates the varying colour effect. The minerals found here include sulphur, copper sulphate, magnesium, iron, manganese and calcium, all of which paint the rock face behind in a kaleidoscope of colours. These waters have rejuvenation and healing properties, which is why the French constructed a series of mineral baths, which were used by the French soldiers and also by Josephine, the wife of the famous, Napoleon.
Today you can visit the wonderful, but you must walk through 6 acres of unimaginably beautiful garden.

Learn more about the Botanical Gardens and the Diamond Waterfall of St. Lucia here.



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